Poppet Simian Instructions

A guide to making your own Poppet Simian Sock Monkey, as published in “When I Was A Child I Wanted To Be A Cryptid”    

A Swagger & Swarm

A Swagger & Swarm New Art West Midlands at The Barber Institute of Fine Art 13/02/2015 – 17/05/2015

Infestation Four – More Than Vintage

On Saturday the Second of August various sizes of Poppet Simian infested More Than Vintage in Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade – being creatures of socks and found accessories they felt at home capering among the ancient tomes and glorious headwear, and shoppers were invited to move, play and interact with them in any way they…

How does a monkey find her name?

The caperers have been drawing admirers, including Anna Goodwin who decided she wanted a simian of her very own. So we had a chat about such things, and we came up with a monkey idea for her.     She’s flying Anna’s colours, and is all sparkly eyed and particularly enjoys perching. Particularly on shoulders!…

infestation… now in progress

The Monkeys go a Capering! Not long ago I went to a coffee shop with ol’ CM. Mitch, The Fine Fellow who runs it, came over to say hello. Some discussion was had about the poppets, their meaning and caperings, the little tales and tails, and how they don’t enjoy to be cooped up in…

A ponder you can’t refuse…

We pondered all that we had done And all that we could be. Then it said “I’ll believe in you If you believe in me.”

A new simian pal

A new buddy has begun to caper about the garret. He’s quoting Balzac, Lynch and Captain Janeway and extolling the virtues of coffee.

In the MeaNTime

Vix started looking at personal pastiches… first it was ‘Lady with a Coffee Monkey’, as part of the Garret collection, an Homage to Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Lady with an Ermine’, which was devised and photographed by the inimitable Tom Smith