3D and Poppets

The third primary branch of Roden’s practice is her three dimensional works. This consists of customised found objects and the long term project of ‘Ms Roden’s Poppet Simians

Found objects are usually customised into mythical items – items can come from any source, given as gifts, bought from pound shops or found on the street. These are then stripped back, painted, and altered to make fantastical items with their own little histories, attributes and mythologies.

The Poppet Simians are a form of portraiture, a reflection of their owners and an ongoing investigation into the individual springs from a standard pattern. Like humanity the simians are made to a pre-set design, yet despite their numbers (there are currently almost a hundred of these creatures in existence worldwide) each is distinct and has it’s own personality and traits. Originally made following the pattern of a Voodoo doll as described in ‘The Satanic Witch’ they can be both child’s toy or precious object, inviting you to join them on their capers.

To commission a poppet or three dimensional work, please contact the artist.

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