While the monkey capers and tumbles

The Coffee monkey isn’t your average sock monkey – not so much a cute stuffed toy but more a Lewis Carroll character escaped from the page, a bit-player in Shock-Headed Peter with ideas above its station.

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He began life as an exploration of the idea of home, a toy made from discarded socks and a representation of my own position of being the home for the coffee monkey – all of us have a monkey on our back, neither good nor bad but always there. He’s sinister because we all relate to the simian, there’s a clumsiness to the shaping, he’s made in the same manner as a witches poppet.

So each poppet monkey has a little of their owners personality, together with a personality of their own. So far they have represented their owners loves of tea, the Xbox and Gin, but it’s the coffee monkey that everyone has the sweetest spot for.

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