Performance & Installations

Performance of some kind often forms the keystone of Roden’s work, whether as a live and interactive figure or as a pre-recorded element within an installation. Her best known construct is Nonny Warn, which she has performed at Little Wolf Parade’s Great Nottingham Show arena, Companis’ Super Sonic Feast and Lip Service, for exhibitions including XY at the Wig and also at the launch of Birmingham Live Art company Home For Waifs and Strays. Warn was also the hostess and fulcrum of High Tea and Tales, a Walpurgisnacht spectacular held at Birmingham’s Old Joint Stock Theatre in April 2013.

Roden’s constructs are at once sinister yet sympathetic – the ‘Friendly Representative’ of Sanctum Micro Communities (2012) seeks only to make you happy, forever and ever, at any cost. The Queen’s Looking Glass (Haniver and Son, 2012) will always speak the truth (regardless of whether you’ll like the answers) and has been heard lamenting “If someone offers to make you immortal make sure you ask HOW before you say YES…”. Mutha Pucker (in collaboration with Companis) is the consummate hostess, equal parts showgirl and Maitre d’, cursed to keep the party going til all the guests have left.


Vicky Roden is available to hire for performances, please use the contact form to discuss your requirements.

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