High Tea & Tales – A Walpurgis Vaudeville

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On Walpurgisnacht, as the clock ticked towards Mayday, Nonny Warn gathered an audience to welcome in the summer at an evening of song, dance, tales, sandwiches, cake, swinging showgirls, fiery flamenco and buxom burlesque,  partaking in High Tea and a night of variety performed by her ‘All-Round Good Eggs’.

A splendid time was had by all, but Nonny would simply never have managed it without the assistance of:

The Good Eggs: Bexi Owen, Luna C. Fur, Rhino and the Ranters, Claire Mace, Craig Howard and Rich Stokes

The Wonderful Helpers: Ian Messenger, Steve Ball, Tom Smith, Jana Cook, Kate Spence, Joseph Hill, Helena Messenger, Maxwell Slinn, and Alastair Flindall.

The Superb Professionals: Tim and Bex at the Old Joint Stock Theatre, Alex (The Hallowed master of Sound and Light)

Mr Dougie Yak Evens and his friend took some video footage, which is available on youtube:

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