The All-Round Good Eggs

‘…we always called each other good eggs. Like you said to somebody, “You’re going to like this chap. He’s all right. He’s a good egg. He’s one of us” ‘

In January, Nonny Warn announced her evening of Walpurgisnacht festivities, for one night only, at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham. Now it is with Great Pleasure that she can reveal the All-Round ‘Good Eggs’ performing at the show.

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Swinging Singing Showgirl Bexi Owen – Fallen Angel Luna C. Fur Cow Punk Gospel Bluesmen Rhino and the Ranters – Wandering Balladeer Claire Mace – The Delightfully Feathered Victoria Platt – Rat-Pack Escapee Craig Howard  – Acoustic Storyteller Rich Stokes

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