Bexi Owen – The Swinging, Singing Showgirl!

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In days of Yore such tales were told
Of Sailors young and strong and bold
Whose journeys ended in the hold
Of the Sirens Song

The siren thought it quite a bore,
Having seen such things before
And so she thought it might be grand
To hear her song echo on land

So on Land she walked until she’d got
To the most acoustically suitable spot
And soon people gathered to this plot
To Hear the Faerys song

But time moves on, and so does she
With infinite places she could be
And has been – she now commands
Top Billing in a hundred lands!

Now men and women everywhere
Dress in their best and primp their hair
And sit at the edges of their chairs
To see the Showgirls Song


Twitter:            @BexiOwen


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