Luna C. Fur – The Fallen Angel

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Now there’s an old saying – ‘The more pious the angel, the more tedious the party’. Wise words, but sometimes there are exceptions which prove the rule. My All-Round good-eggs are an exceptional bunch, and Luna C. Fur is the only angel whose shindigs you’d actively seek to attend.

There one was a heavenly body it seems,
weaving her way among the moon beams
sent to observe the strange habits of man
which is how the story of luna began

She followed her wards with an interest so keen
she wondered if what she had seen was a dream
the acts of these creatures left her entranced,
particularly when they danced

For centuries it seemed she longed
to join the spinning, weaving throng
But to do such a thing was hardly the norm
and needed a solid, corporeal form

eventually the need grew too great
and once decided could barely wait
to set feet on that solid ground
and finally join the dancing crowd

She found it much finer than she thought
how it felt to frolic and cavort,
She Waltzed and Rhumbaed, jigged and reeled,
Mastered the cha-cha and the quadrille

So now she dances, unable to stop
on this day she flounces, on that day she bops
for when she dances she feels joy abound
with no equal on heaven or earth to be found

so now, for the delight of all
to entertain and to enthrall
Please my dears, all welcome her
The one and only Luna C. Fur!


Twitter:            @LunaCFur


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